Clean Cars. Good Service. Affordable Prices.


Are you a building manager? A facility manager? An owner association manager?

Then partner with us and bring the ultimate eco-friendly convenience and services directly to your community.

Reduce your ecological footprint by using waterless car washes! Not only waterless car cleaning products conserve water, they also save you money on your water bill. With a mix of special lubricants and cleaning agents that lift and surround dirt particles, we wipe away your vehicle’s surface without any harm, creating long lasting shine and protection.


Yes, we have a solution for customers like you too who aren’t a part of commercial communities – Mai Car Cares’ private residential services.

We provide services that suit your needs by utilizing feasible procedures and processes to wash your vehicles effectively using only biodegradable soaps on gravel, grass or other permeable surfaces.

Get in touch with us for one-off detailing and our cleaning specialists will land in your area to perform vehicle premium cleaning that brings our quality of service directly to you.


Don’t take the risk! Our power-washing services can facilitate you to stay safe on the road while making an impression!

Let your business’s vehicle makes a statement by having a clean fleet of vehicles to help boost your public image while improving vehicle safety. We extend your vehicle’s life by removing damaging materials such as grease, rust, ice melting chemicals, and other chemicals with our extensive fleet services.

With customized, efficient and effective operations, our solutions suit your budget, size and preferences.


We highly recommend regular maintenance specifically for boats. They are an expensive investment and are endangered to harsh conditions. If maintained well, they can last longer and look new for many years, sustaining a higher resale value when considering to sell or upgrade.

Let, Mai Car Care handle the complicated work of professionally cleaning gel coat, fiberglass, vinyl, metal and other sections of your costly craft while you do whatever floats your boat.


We provide customized cleaning and care, vehicle management, secure transport and auto storage services for owners of fine, classic, exotic, luxury and collector vehicles. Let Mai Car Care take the logistical headache for you!

Our auto storage arrangement is a precisely clean, climate-controlled environment, offering a safe alarmed atmosphere, as well as our professional and well-honed staff are on-site to assist you with your auto storage expectations.

With secure storage facilities bundled with cleaning service and transport, we have you (and your automobiles) covered.


Cleaner machines, Ideal Proficiency. It’s a well-known fact among builders, engineers and plant managers that best methods and systems are more efficient, which all-the-more facilitates easy maintenance and safe operation.

With Mai Car Care, have your provisions work like a well-oiled machine, let our experts in cleaning ensure that your plant and machinery is launching well on all chambers.